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SINHOTEK is introducing new member into the Functional Fabrics, “The Germanium Fabric”, the material if full of precious Germanium particles which has the function of releasing emissive of Far-infrared, Negative-Ion as well as deodorizing and adjusting moistures, it will brings you better wearing experience.


Deodorizing and moisture regulation
By applying the Germanium to the yarn during fabric production, because Germanium particles have micro-porous structure, it can absorb and decompose odor in the air as well as regulate microclimate of the skin by absorb or release moistures.

Far Infrared
The Germanium material SINHOTEK used has far-infrared emissivity of more then 0.85, so wearing garments made with SINHOTEK Germanium fabric can stimulate blood circulation and metabolism, providing you with improved healthiness.

Negative-Ions (Anion)
Anion is known as air vitamins and it can neutralize positive ions which is harmful to human body. Germanium fiber SINHOTEK used can produce negative ions with concentration of 500unit/cc providing you urban parks wearing environment.

Fabric fiber with Germanium particles can reduce static electricity you generates in the cold and dry environment, reduce static-shock caused by static electricity, the product can provide static-free comfort.

Germanium Fabric can be used in wide variety such as Lingerie, sleepwear, sportswear (T-shirt, polo shirt), bedding (mattress, bedspread, and quilt), and high quality socks.


SINHOTEK by applying Silver Ion and Nano technology onto Fibers making it to possess much superior functions like antimicrobial, deodorizing as well as antistatic, Providing consumers with a healthier and more comfortable choices.


Comfort and healthy living
Applying Silver Ion yarn with unparalleled treatment, the fibers contains the silver ions can hinder foreign viruses and other harmful biological growth, it is indispensable product for those who pay attention to cleanliness and attention to modern life, brings out the healthy and joyful moods in you.

Antimicrobial durability
Nano Silver Ions particles was added during Silver Ion fiber’s spinning stage making it a ever-lasting antimicrobial fiber, it’s antimicrobial effect will not become ineffective due to lack of sun light nor it will has concern of loosing the antimicrobial agents. It is washable without losing effectiveness.

Silver is highly conductive, with only a small amount of Nano Silver Ions on clothing can quickly eliminate static electricity generated by friction, so that the product has static-free comfort, providing you every possible protection against static.


Silver Ion Fabric can be used in wide variety such as Lingerie, sleepwear, sportswear (T-shirt, polo shirt), uniforms, bedding (mattress, bedspread, quilt), sofa, curtains, inside of shoes, the insole, high quality socks, tights, sleeping bags, car sofa coverings.

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